Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

CRIS Trekker

As a supplement to CRIS, the Division for Historic Preservation has made a free suite of additional field survey applications available under the CRIS Trekker portfolio.

The CRIS Trekker applications allow members of the public and historic preservation consultants to interact with CRIS's geospatial and inventory data in the field. CRIS Trekker users can view, submit, and manage historic above-ground resource data using mobile and desktop devices.

From individual building submissions to large-scale municipal surveys, the CRIS Trekker applications open a broader channel for anyone to contribute to New York State's shared cultural heritage record.

For questions or technical support regarding CRIS Trekker, please visit the Trekker Online Help System or email

Survey123 for ArcGIS

Esri's free Survey123 for ArcGISLeaving New York State Parks app allows the public and historic preservation consultants to submit building, structure, and district data to the Division for Historic Preservation using a mobile device. Through photographs, location points, and text fields, CRIS Trekker users can employ Survey123 to record a historic resource's existing conditions in a simple form-based interface.

There are multiple ways for CRIS Trekker users to employ Survey123:

  • For the General Public
  • For Historic Preservation Consultants
    • Collect, edit, and submit new building records as part of a CRIS Trekker survey project
    • Launch Survey123 from CRIS Mobile Pro and submit updates to existing building records as part of a CRIS Trekker survey project

Trekker Manager

For larger building surveys, historic preservation consultants can administer their field-collected building records in Trekker Manager. To use Trekker Manager, you will need to request CRIS Trekker user privileges by contacting Trekker Help.

Key functions of Trekker Manager include:

  • Expandable map and grid interfaces
  • Advanced sorting, filtering, and selecting
  • Linking field-collected inventory forms to existing CRIS records
  • Assigning team members to survey projects
  • Batch submitting inventory forms to the Division for Historic Preservation
  • Exporting records to tables, annotated building lists, or inventory form reports

By integrating the CRIS database with Esri's data collection and mapping tools, Trekker Manager provides a versatile platform for greatly expanding New York State's inventory of historic and cultural resources.

CRIS Trekker Training Webinar

A CRIS Trekker training webinar, presented by Larry Spraker of VHB, is available as a 2-part online video.