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Snowmobile Registration

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Any snowmobile operated in New York State must be registered with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), even if it is registered in another state or province, except under certain special circumstances. Registration is done at the time of sale by the dealer. A snowmobile obtained in a private sale or from an out-of-state source may be registered by the new owner at any Motor Vehicle office or by a dealer participating in the state's prepaid registration program.

Fee for Snowmobile Trail Development and Maintenance

As of May 3, 2024, the cost to register a snowmobile in New York State has been updated as follows:

  • $135 - For original and renewal registrations regardless of whether the snowmobile is registered by a resident or a non-resident of the state.
  • $65 - For registrants who can provide proof of membership with a snowmobile club or Trail Maintenance Entity (TME) that is a member organization of the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA)Leaving New York State Parks. This also applies to original and renewal registrations, regardless of whether the individual is a resident or non-resident of New York State.

Pursuant to updates within Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 2222, as well as Section 21.07 of the Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law, $130.00 of the $135.00 registration cost, or $60.00 of the $65.00 registration cost for a member of a NYSSA-affiliated snowmobile club or TME, shall be a fee that is collected and deposited within the NYS Snowmobile Trail Development and Maintenance fund. The remaining $5 is deposited into the New York State General Fund.

Exemptions from Registration Requirements

  • Snowmobiles operated exclusively on the owner's property;
  • Snowmobiles operated in approved and permitted competitive events;
  • Snowmobiles owned and operated by the United States government;
  • Snowmobiles covered by a valid registration of a neighboring state or province and operated on a border trail that occasionally and sporadically crosses into New York State, and is specifically designated as a cross-border trail by the Commissioner of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation.

Documents Required

Snowmobilers must carry registration and proof of insurance documents on their person at all times while snowmobiling. These documents must be produced at the request of any law enforcement officer or magistrate. Insurance documentation must be produced at the request of anyone who is injured or suffers property damage as a result of operation of a snowmobile.

Holders of snowmobile safety certificates must carry the certificate when they are snowmobiling.

These documents should always be carried on your person and never left in the snowmobile.

How to Register your snowmobile.

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