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New York Safe Boating

Welcome aboard! New York State offers an abundance of scenic waterways for boaters including the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island Sound, the Hudson and St. Lawrence Rivers, lakes in the Adirondacks, the Barge Canal, the Finger Lakes, Great Lakes, and hundreds of other streams, lakes and rivers to enjoy. Boaters can escape on a relaxing cruise, fish a favorite cove, or embark on a family adventure exploring new waters, all while experiencing first-hand New York's incredible natural beauty.

The Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation provides the public with a safe and enjoyable environment for recreational boating. Our goal is to assist the boater in developing safe boating habits and maintaining a strong law enforcement presence on our waters.

Standup PaddleBoarding

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs)

Stand up paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing watersports. The SUP is reminiscent of a surf board and is propelled by a paddler standing up.

SUP is considered a vessel when it is used outside of the surf zone or swim area.

A life jacket is required for each person on board a paddle craft, which include canoes, kayaks and SUP's, as well as a sound signaling device. A mouth whistle is acceptable and is easily attached to the life jacket. It is highly recommended that the life jacket is worn. The exception to wearing a life jacket is when paddling in the ocean surf zone as the life jacket may restrict the ability to swim under the waves. In addition to the required life jacket and whistle, a leash is a recommended piece of safety equipment if you are using a SUP.

USCG Marine Alert – Kidde Fire Extinguisher Alert

The USCG is alerting the boating public to a recall of Kidde portable fire extinguishers. About 4.6 million fire extinguishers in in the U.S., and 175,000 in Canada, are being recalled. The manufacturer, Kidde, has received 11 reports of the recalled fire extinguishers failing to discharge as expected. No injuries have been reported. Kidde is providing replacements and boaters should immediately contact Kidde for a replacement fire extinguisher. For full details visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission Website at Kidde Recalls Disposable Plastic Fire Extinguishers.

New New York Bridge

Navigating safely around the New NY Bridge construction zone It is important for Hudson River boaters to remember that the entire crossing of The New NY BridgeLeaving New York State Parks (Tappan Zee Bridge) is an active construction zone. For specific boater safety information on this area please refer to the
New NY Bridge Boater Safety InformationLeaving New York State Parks.

The 2018 Recreational Boating Report

Recreational boating in New York State is a $2 billion industry enjoyed by millions of residents and visitors alike.
This recreational boating report has been prepared in order to help us better understand why accidents happen while affording possible insights as to how to prevent them.

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