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Bird Conservation Areas

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Bird Conservation Area

The Bird Conservation Area Program (BCA), signed into law in 1997, is modeled after the National Audubon Society's Important Bird Areas Program. The BCA program seeks to provide a comprehensive, ecosystem approach to conserving birds and their habitats on state lands and waters, by integrating bird conservation interests in agency planning, management and research projects. These efforts are an important component of our ongoing, collaborative approach to protecting wildlife statewide, increasing public access, and expanding educational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

An area can be designated as a BCA if it is judged as important habitat for one or more species. In general, a site is nominated because of its importance to large numbers of waterfowl, pelagic seabirds, shorebirds, wading birds, migratory birds, or because of high species diversity, importance to species at risk, or its importance as a bird research site. To date, statewide, 59 BCAs have been designated, of which 25 are associated with State Parks.

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Bird Conservation Areas in New York State Parks

In addition to the parks listed below with designated Bird Conservation Areas, our state parks offer rich natural habitats for interesting and unique birds-in fact, more than 300 species of birds call our parks home! For instance, Rockefeller State Park Preserve, a National Audubon Society's Important Bird Area, is home to 180 recorded species of birds and is a must-visit park for birding enthusiasts. Find out more about our Bird Conservation Areas: