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December 26, 2023

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NYS Parks Encourages Snowmobilers to Ride Safely

Stay on Designated/Opened Trails, Avoid Frozen Bodies of Water and Check Speed

The Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) is reminding snowmobilers to ride responsibly and put safety first as they enjoy New York State's outstanding snowmobiling opportunities.

Historically, the two leading causes of snowmobiler injury in New York are excessive speed and operator intoxication. Additionally, riding on ice is a risk that should be taken seriously.

Top OPRHP safety recommendations include:

·         INSPECT and properly maintain your snowmobile; make sure it is in good working order and carry emergency supplies

·         ALWAYS wear a helmet with DOT-certified standards and make sure you wear appropriate snowmobile gear including bibs, jackets, boots, and gloves to withstand the elements (cold temperatures and moisture)

·         ALWAYS ride with a buddy or group and tell a responsible person where you will be riding and your expected return time

·         SLOW DOWN. Ride responsibly. Ride within your ability, ride to the right and always operate at a safe and prudent speed

·         STAY ON MARKED TRAILS. Respect landowners and obey posted signs

·         NEVER drink alcohol or use drugs and ride

·         FROZEN BODIES OF WATER are not designated trails; if you plan to ride on ice, proceed with caution and be aware of potential hazards under the snow. If you choose to ride on ice, wear a snowmobile suit with flotation built-in and carry a set of ice picks as a precaution.

Everyone operating a snowmobile should be familiar with safe riding practices and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. The best way to learn is by taking a snowmobile safety course. To find a course, please visit the following link: A safety certificate is required for youthful operators between ages 10 and 17, if they want to ride solo on a New York State trail.

Before heading out, riders are reminded to check the latest trail conditions with local snowmobile clubs. To find a club, visit the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA) website at

Also review the latest trail conditions, visit NYSSA's trail map via the following link: Joining a snowmobile club helps support snowmobiling in New York State. Club members receive a discounted registration fee and help support the clubs who make up the backbone of the New York State snowmobile trail system.

Snowmobile season begins at different times across the State, with regard to multiple factors: the close of Big Game hunting seasons for both the Northern and Southern

Hunting Zones (per the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation:, local laws & ordinance, and sufficient snow accumulation in your area (greater than 3")   As such, please check with your local snowmobile club or contact NYSSA directly to learn whether local trails are opened or closed.

OPRHP oversees the development, maintenance, and oversight of a statewide snowmobile program, which features approximately 10,500 miles of State-designated snowmobile trails. For more information on snowmobiling in New York, visit

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