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Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt was one of our nation's greatest leaders and a great New Yorker.


At age 23, he was the youngest man elected to the State Assembly and served as Governor of New York and President with distinction, promoting efficiency and honesty in government and fairness in society.


As President, Theodore Roosevelt created 150 National Forests, 51 Federal Bird Reservations, 5 National Parks, 4 National Game Preserves, and 21 Reclamation Projects. Roosevelt provided federal protection for nearly 230 million acres across America.

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War Hero

Roosevelt was a medal of honor recipient and Colonel of the Rough Riders Volunteer Cavalry Regiment during the Spanish American War. His accomplishments on the battlefield were matched by his efforts as a peacemaker. Roosevelt is the only President to receive the Medal of Honor and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Discover the historic sites and museums along the Heritage Trail linked with the accomplishments and life of this New Yorker as Governor, President and national hero.
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Additional Theodore Roosevelt Resources

Theodore Roosevelt Association (TRA)
This Long Island-based non-profit organization was chartered by Congress in 1920 to preserve the memory and ideals of the 26th President of the United States. TRA offers excellent resources on its website, ranging from lesson plans to cartoons and speeches, to a bibliography of books by and about Theodore Roosevelt.