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Revolutionary War

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New York played a decisive and crucial role in America's fight for independence.

Turning point of the revolution

The Patriot victory at the Battle of Saratoga turned the tide of the entire war effort and was a key factor in gaining the assistance from France which led to eventual triumph of the Continental Army.

Major Waterway Routes

Controlling the Hudson River was vital to the war effort on both sides. The British held New York City and its port for most of the war. The Continental Army was able to hold and control most of the Hudson River allowing them access to the entire Hudson Valley. The Hudson River provided a vital escape route for Washington's army after the Battle of Brooklyn and ensured that the Continental Army could continue the fight.

Major Battles

Nearly one third of all the battles fought during the American Revolution were fought in New York State. The capture of Fort Ticonderoga, the Battles of Oriskany, Newtown and Saratoga are just a few of the major events that took place on New York soil.

Discover the historic sites and museums along the Revolutionary War Heritage Trail that played a crucial role in America's fight for independence.

Additional Revolutionary War Resources

General Revolutionary War and Colonial History

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General Revolutionary War and Colonial History

Drums Along the Mohawk
Timeline, letters and links related to the impact of the Revolution along the New York State frontier.

People of Colonial Albany
Colonial Albany Social History Project, New York State museum. Provides census data, biographies and information on African American colonial life.

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Chronological listing of Revolutionary War battles, most with full descriptions of the battle maneuvers.

Liberty: Burgoyne Surrenders at Saratoga
A description of the British defeat at the hands of the combined force of American militia and Continental regulars.

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A brief summary of the history and founding of the park and surrounding area.

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